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What if you can rewrite the story of technical challenges, air pollution and lower emissions, reduction of the flying costs and social impact? We help you to change the way current and future aircraft will impact our environment. For a more affordable world.

A truly international team made up of experienced engineers and pilots


The Aircraft Performance Company GmbH was founded 2015 as an Engineering Company. We are dedicated to improve Aircraft Performance as well as working on new inventions in terms of Green Aircraft Solutions.

Our advanced designs proven by CFD analyses benefit new and old aircraft. We are open to work with Airlines and OEM to develop specific uses of our technology, these designs can be used on Commercial, General Aviation or Military aircraft. Our design improvements to your aircraft will enable you to stay ahead of the competition. You can carry more freight, increase MTOW, save fuel thus enabling lower CO2 footprint of your full fleet.

With an overall network of partners and supplier, the company employs up to 50 engineers dedicated to sophisticated, green aircraft solutions providing the complete package of Aeronautics project competencies – pioneering innovations and project development.

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The Apc Product Line

TRINITAIR technology

For further information about Trinitair, the latest design and invention of the APC, please feel free to contact us:

For a completely new device concept

Calculate your fuel savings and make your aircraft more efficient

The APC has developed a design and performance tool to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. The APC team was charged to identify the airflow around the leading edges and wingtips as possible areas of improvement in design. Based on our wingtip solution to reduce drag and enhance main wing lift, we developed a cross platform solution to enable our customers to calculate the fuel savings and estimate the benefits from our operational improvements.

Press and media release

Hans J. Petscher, founder of the APC GmbH, gives a short overview on the company.
He has over 45 years’ experience in aircraft design, testing, certification and engineering.
With background in electrical engineering as well as aerodynamics and thermodynamics, aircraft maintenance, as certifying staff and test flying (pilot and engineer) he has founded and led several design organizations under EASA approval (DOA). He is recognized as Certification Verification Engineer (CVE) for several ATA chapters and overall airworthiness specialist and Head of Office of Airworthiness.


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The APC is always hiring for the right candidate. We are primarily interested in recruiting people, who are passionate about aerospace and believe that our clients deserve the highest quality technology and experience, and who can demonstrate their understanding of how to contribute to this goal through their craft. We are based in Hamburg, repeatedly ranked as Germany’s top city in terms of living quality.

Join our team and help us on our mission to shape the future of aircraft.

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We support a healthy planet

We have a mission. A team of engineers and technologists brought together and share one vision that will change the world for us and future generations. We are an international business and fast scaling multicultural team, primarily based in Hamburg, with partners across the country.

But we can only identify new challenges, when we listen and work closely together with the young generation. Their affinity with the technologies that have brought us to the edge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution sets them apart from previous generations. Technology has not only shaped the way they live and work, but also created a whole new set of beliefs and aspirations. These values, in turn, will affect their approach to the global challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Hence, the ability of our graduates to consider the rapidly evolving, potentially transformative technologies under various angles is of vital importance to The APC.

Vice versa, teaming up with our experts in their fields, this collaboration enables our company to come up with the best possible solutions and thrive in constantly changing situations to make our visions become reality. Always aiming toward the same goal: to be pioneers in developing new technologies in aerospace. In our opinion, this is the key to support a healthy planet.


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